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We are proud of the work our team and volunteers do.  The following publications have covered our efforts to increase access to justice and legal representation for marginalized, underserved, low-income individuals in Colorado.

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Veteran Housing Bill

Veterans and service members, who have sacrificed so much for the wellbeing of their country, should not be denied housing because a landlord harbors unfounded prejudices. Colorado Poverty Law Project is excited to work with Representative Ortiz on legislation in 2022 to ensure that this doesn't happen in Colorado. Read our full press release here and please contact us at if you would like to lend support


Predatory towing rampant at Colorado mobile home parks, residents say

The experiences in Berkeley Village are hardly exceptions for mobile home residents across the Front Range. Towing companies have been running wild in those communities for years, homeowners and housing advocates said, towing cars for minor violations or, sometimes, for no explicit reason. Lawmakers are hoping a beefed-up towing task force will more closely regulate these companies — and further legislation may be on the way.


Mint Urban Infinity Tenants Ready to Fight Landlord in Court

Disabled tenants can file an accessibility complaint with the Denver Division of Disability Rights, and rental assistance programs can assist tenants facing eviction or struggling financially. Nonprofits like the Denver Metro Fair Housing Center, 9to5 Colorado and the Colorado Poverty Law Project assist renters with finding financial and legal resources, but they can't keep up with demand. And without legal representation, renters are far outmatched by unresponsive landlords.


These mobile home residents filed complaints to Colorado’s new oversight program. Months later, they’re still waiting.

As of last week, 288 complaints had been filed to the state since May 2020 — and 241 remained open


Paying the price: Renters facing eviction must self-advocate to receive help, still loopholes persist

“We are seeing tons of folks who don’t know about the protections or that they have to sign a declaration to evoke the protections,” MacKenzie told the Denver VOICE in an emailed statement.

Since Colorado’s protections ended, MacKenzie said the courts that once dismissed eviction holdover cases are now ushering them through. She has also seen cases where tenants obtain rental assistance, pay their landlord back and future rent, and still have eviction proceedings filed against them by landlords.

One way to stem the impending flow of evictions would be to implement protections for apartment lease holdovers similar to those afforded to mobile home residents, MacKenzie added. However, Colorado’s political climate makes it difficult to imagine a path forward for this kind of legislation.


Lawsuit over Park Hill homeless camp dismissed; city board to hear appeal – Denver, Colorado

A lawsuit filed by five Parkhill homeowners over a proposal for a homeless camp approved by a neighboring city was dismissed Wednesday afternoon as plaintiffs moved to another location to stop it.


Colorado Lawyer Jan 2019: Colorado Poverty
Law Project - Providing Hope for the Defenseless and Oppressed

On June 6, 1966, Senator Robert F. Kennedy spoke at South Africa’s University of Cape Town and said,
“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.” Perhaps recognizing the ripple of hope that is created when individuals fight for the defenseless, the Colorado Supreme Court Oath of Admission asks future attorneys to swear to “use their knowledge for the betterment of society and the improvement of the legal
system” and to “never reject... the cause of the defenseless or oppressed.”


Communities north and east of Denver tackle affordable housing, homelessness

During the symposium, a session on housing had been led by Caitlin Finn of the Colorado Poverty Law Project, Aubrey Hasvold of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and Jack Regenbogen of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy.