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Monthly Legal Clinic

Many Colorado residents need legal assistance but cannot afford a lawyer.  Since 2005, CPLP volunteer attorneys have provided free counsel to vulnerable residents at a monthly legal clinic at the South Street Health Center in partnership with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. In 2013, CPLP was formed to make sure this clinic continued to exist.

At the clinic, individuals can meet one-on-one with our volunteer attorneys to receive general legal information on a range of legal issues.  While CPLP is recognized for its expertise in housing law, our clinic continues to serve individuals with questions about other civil legal issues such as custody, government benefits, and personal injury.  Our team will also refer individuals in need of further legal assistance or social services to our volunteer network and community partners.

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Clinics take place on the third Wednesday of every month from 4-6 pm.   Due to COVID-19, all clinics are currently taking place virtually via Zoom.  You can RSVP to attend our upcoming clinic here.

Monthly Lega Clinic

Just Housing Initiative

Community “Know-Your-Rights” trainings on the rights of tenants under Colorado housing laws 

Please contact us if you would like to request a training in your community (

Just Housing Initiative

Mobile Home Initiative

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In 2020, CPLP expanded its Just Housing Initiative to provide similar services to the underserved residents of mobile home communities in Colorado. Over 100,000 people live in 900 mobile home parks across Colorado, and these parks provide the largest inventory of affordable housing in the state.  Colorado’s Mobile Home Park Act provides protections for park residents, but accessing the rights afforded by this law can present challenges. 

Community “Know-Your-Rights” trainings on the rights of mobile home residents under Colorado’s Mobile Home Park Act.

Pro bono legal consultation and representation to residents on matters relating to landlord violations of the Mobile Home Park Act and evictions, including assisting residents with complaints filed through DOLA’s Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program

Mobile Home Initiative

CPLP’s Mobile Home Initiative would not be possible without the community organizations that help us reach and support mobile home residents in need of assistance.


9to5 is a nationwide grassroots non-profit organization that combines advocacy, education, and leadership development to achieve economic justice.  9 to 5 Colorado’s deep roots in community organizing efforts in mobile home communities have allowed CPLP to connect with mobile home residents in need of legal support in Denver and throughout the state.


CPLP partners with CocoMHO on Know-Your-Rights trainings, stakeholder engagement to promote advocacy efforts to protect tenants, and other initiatives that aim to protect the rights of Colorado mobile home park residents. 

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Housing Advocacy

  • Give tenants the resources to fight unfair evictions

  • Prevent discrimination and predatory landlord practices

Housing Advocacy

CPLP has provided input and/or testimonial support on the following Colorado policy initiatives:

Creating an Eviction Legal Defense Fund: Senate Bill 180 (2019) 

Extending the Time Period to Cure Lease Violation: House Bill 1118 (2019)

Revisions to  Colorado Warranty of Habitability Act: House Bill 1170 (2019)

Recent Advocacy Updates:

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On June 30th, 2020, new amendments to the Mobile Home Park Act went into effect.  CPLP worked closely with the Colorado Center for Law and Policy, CoCoMHO and other community partners to propose administrative rules that clarified tenant rights under the Mobile Home Park Act.


On November 30th, 2020, Colorado’s Mobile Home Park Oversight Program began enforcing clearer protections for mobile home residents against landlord abuse.  Mobile home communities will now be better protected in the following ways:

Landlords must provide 48 hours notice before entering the premises to address alleged lease violations, protecting residents from arbitrary and intrusive entries of their home.

Landlords may not pass attorney fees onto residents who file a complaint with the Mobile Home Park Oversight Program.

When a complaint filed with the Mobile Home Park Oversight Program identifies an improper fee, all park residents are exempt from payment while the complaint is pending, not just the resident who brought the complaint.

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Young Adult Initiative

Pro bono legal consultation and representation to young adult tenants on matters relating to landlord violations and evictions.

Young Adult Initiative
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