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Stephanie Steps Up to Advocate for her Family

Stephanie, 22 (whose name and image have been changed for privacy), was caring for herself, her grandma, and her two young siblings when the family received a demand for rent payment. They were unable to afford it – her grandma's social security check was lost in transit, and Stephanie's job didn't pay enough to cover the full amount herself.

Stephanie stepped up to advocate for her family. She reached out to CPLP for support and our team immediately connected her with rental assistance, filed an Answer, and negotiated a dismissal of the eviction case before hearing. The family received three months of rent payment.

CPLP has already served 675 individuals this year – an increase of 44% compared to the same time last year. Many of these individuals are your neighbors like Stephanie working hard to advocate for their families. You can make a difference today by donating online to support our programs.


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